• We Are Brand Real

    A research, strategy, design, branding, and technology group that empowers entrepreneurs to turn big ideas into powerful solutions.

  • We Create the Brands that Matter

    We deliver complete branding services to innovative startups, products and places that will connect with people, meet real needs, be powerfully present but look to the future.

  • Together, We Are Future Ready

    Learning, growing and exploring the possibilities together, we are building the brands that will add value and shape the way we live for years to come.


Those who aspire to greatness are the ones who will make a difference. In this era of change, progress and opportunity, now is the time to think big, explore the possibilities, and dream up the innovations that will forge the world of tomorrow. We can help you pin down your big idea, and tell your story through a powerful and effective brand identity.


It’s not enough to just keep up. Innovation is all about anticipating the attitudes, needs and challenges of tomorrow, knowing what questions to ask, and creating solutions that will help shape our lives. We create brands that meet real needs, add real value, and connect with people on a local and global level. These are the brands that take hold, grow and thrive.


The time is now. There’s never been more urgency to move from idea to prototype to launch, turning innovative concepts into world-changing realities. We empower you to take the actions you need to take, now, to create a stronger brand identity, expand or enhance your branding, and take your place as a leading name within the global digital market.

Who We Are

Branding Experts

With three decades of experience in creating, managing and revitalizing brands for leading organizations around the world, our executives, partners and advisory board are drawn from some of the world’s largest corporations and most prestigious agencies, including Shell, NBC, HSBC, Interbrand, and many more.

Award-Winning Designers

Our studio is buzzing with some of the world’s most renowned and celebrated designers, who have been recognized for their outstanding creativity and ingenuity when it comes to every element of your physical, visual and digital brand identity.

Global Network

As part of a global network, we have access to more than 3,000 of the top creative minds around the world and can work to support your local, national and global needs in 32 languages. At the same time, we remain committed to a personal partnership and a hands-on approach.



Our team and partners bring together expertise in well-established branding and a pioneering grasp of the new digital world, as well as global experience and perspectives. We have partnered with some of the biggest and most world-renowned brands in the marketplace and are widely recognized for our talent and creativity.


We work in specialized teams, dedicated to your field and at the forefront of your growing industry. This means we are agile and adaptable, helping you to navigate the specific challenges and opportunities in front of you in this increasingly digital and global landscape, and taking you to where you want to be.


We believe in the science of collaboration, and our global network fuels the vision and freedom to conquer new and emerging frontiers. We are here to share our expertise, to partner with you on a journey of learning and exploration, and to empower you to seize the opportunities that are open to you.