The Challenge

BakerCorp (originally Baker Tanks) is one of the largest providers of liquid storage, pumping and filtration solutions in the US. Since its inception in 1942, and without trade marking their name, the company had grown to become the largest and most experienced containment, pumping and filtration solutions provider with over 90 locations nationwide as well as international operations in Europe, Canada and Mexico.

GK Brand was commissioned to create a new brand name, global brand architecture and visual identity for Baker Tanks that would position the parent company, as a leader in all of its business ventures not just tanks. We were also tasked with trade marking the company name and ensuring the domain name was the “”.

What we did

Utilizing our scenario planning methodology, we concluded that a new name would be a very hard internal sell to many of the division, in addition to being costly to brand and migrate. We presented an alternative solution; recommending unifying 5 Baker Tanks’ divisions under one corporate brand, as a parent company, that we suggested could be renamed BakerCorp, which was agreed upon as the right strategic direction.

In order to achieve the second objective, to obtain a clear trademark in both North American and Europe, we successfully negotiated with a third party to legally allow us to use an existing Baker trademark.

With the new company name, brand architecture and logo complete, we went on to design a variety of brand touch points including website and marketing collateral highlighting the robust and pioneering character of the company. The imagery worked to support these brand characteristics and is still used today.


The repositioning of BakerCorp supported the company’s promise to provide their customers with outstanding service. This was achieved by streamlining the brand architecture to meet the needs of internal and external stakeholders. It allowed the company to deliver its brand promise with greater efficiency and stronger impact. The brand launch was successfully rolled out and subsequently significantly strengthened BakerCorp’s brand equity.

BakerCorp’s commitment to providing clients the best people, the best equipment and the best service has set the standard in the industry. This standard of excellence is evident in every area of their business. GK Brand shares BakerCorp’s “Commitment to Excellence”: Much like BakerCorp we’ve learned that the best way to meet our client’s expectations is to consistently exceed them.

 “GK Brand – Tribe Global, they understand business and creating value for their clients. They listen and deliver.

Bryan Livingston
President and CEO

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