Altrum Honors

The Challenge

With over 40 years experience in creating financial tombstones and deal gifts, Altrum wanted to become the world’s leading provider of award and recognition solutions. Based in New York, the company had experienced a period of rapid global growth, with a significant amount of business coming from their overseas offices in London, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Montreal. Altrum’s new mission was fast becoming the company that inspires achievement worldwide. Altrum had outgrown its current brand, and it was clear that Altrum needed a new and update brand positioning and website that reflected their expanded horizons.

What we did

The GK Brand research process showed us that Altrum had raised the bar industry-wide with their passion to go above and beyond, and to deliver truly inspiring solutions for their clients. It was this energy and success that we wanted to capture in the rebrand. Altrum’s superb customer service provided the ability for clients to create highly customized products within very small budgets. This set Altrum apart from the crowd in an industry, where standard, off-the-shelf awards are the norm.

Altrum were enthusiastically dedicated to making great things happen for their clients, and infusing the rebrand with this passion and inspiration was clearly the way to go. We redesigned the website around the inspire campaign and showcased the dynamic success stories that created the exceptional level of service Altrum’s clients experienced. Ensuring that the visual elements of the website worked to convey Altrum’s aim to revolutionize the way people honor and appreciate each other were also key. In fact, Altrum decided to incorporate the word Honor into their company name.


The revitalized Altrum Honors' brand has boosted their business and inspired all sorts of great things that are benefiting their clients around the world. The new website alone has increased site visits by 400%, converting into larger number of new business inquires and requests for proposals. It would seem that Altrum Honors is well on track to fulfilling their mission.

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