Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty / Radio Farda

The Challenge

Radio Liberty has asked GK Brand to work on several branding initiatives, including launching a new website for Radio Farda. As a joint project between Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty and Voice of America, Radio Farda was conceived as a 24-hour source of uncensored information and entertainment.

What we did

We wanted to showcase the diversity of subjects offered, in terms of news and entertainment, as well as encouraging interactivity with the audience. The radio station provides listeners with the latest stories, as well as offering insightful news updates and music that can’t be heard anywhere else to essentially open a window on what is happening within Iran and around the world.

Basing our brand strategy on a range of research including interviews conducted with Iranian passengers at Dubai airport terminal we developed a new logo, developed a vibrant color palate, and created a new website. We ran a successful advertising campaign, including digital banner ads in various Iranian websites around the world, as well as a billboard campaign in Dubai airport. We also initiated a marketing program within Turkey to attract Iranian tourists


Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty has re-launched a new, stunning and innovative website for Radio Farda.

The ratings for the show increased significantly after the campaign, up by 40% with a huge number of new visitors to the website.

“GK Brand - Tribe Global is your ideal advertising firm. It is professional and experienced enough to give you the best results, yet it is small enough to provide you with the personal attention and the flexibility you need.”

Mardo Soghom
Deputy Director of Broadcast Operations
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Regional Director for Iran and Iraq

Visit Radio Farda’s new website at