Alexsa Consulting

The Challenge

A leading San Francisco based leadership development firm, Alexsa Consulting were looking to reposition their brand with a focus on the future of leadership. This next generational approach to leadership was necessary in response to the extraordinary environment of innovation, creativity, and legendary entrepreneurial success that The Bay Area and Silicon Valley are known for the world over.

Wanting to engage with the next generation of leaders, Alexsa Consulting were conscious that while the fundamentals of leadership have not changed, technologies, disruptive innovations and new generational aspirations have become game-changers that have influenced the context, style and even the democratization of what being a leader means. It was also essential that while embracing the future of leadership, a brand repositioning had to remain relevant to Alexsa Consulting’s existing corporate client base of C-suite senior executives and eminent physicians.

What we did

We worked together to reposition the Alexsa Consulting brand around an innovative next generation approach to leadership development. We crafted a clearly defined brand strategy that was based upon our research findings, which showed that emergent and dynamic organizations understand a new leadership style is required in response to unprecedented levels of complexity and uncertainty. The future of leadership is less about authority and the single leader, and more about inspiring the leader in everyone. We based our big idea around challenging assumptions about what it takes to be a truly effective next generational leader.

Drawing inspiration from the geometric form of the triangle to create a new brand-mark, sophisticated colors, fresh photography and clean design set a professional and dynamic look and feel for a new website. The new brand strategy and visual identity was then applied to Alexsa Consulting’s marketing materials and social media platforms, as well as to the popular Voice of America show that Founder and CEO, Cheryl Esposito hosts on a weekly basis.


Alexsa Consulting has moved boldly forward with its rejuvenated brand. The new Alexsa Consulting brand has been rolled out to promote their new brand strategy and identity, creating exciting opportunities for them to work with innovative entrepreneurs who know only too well that the new leadership model is based on leveraging the importance of informal organizational networks, and their ability to mobilize action. In a high velocity environment, the Alexsa Consulting brand is attracting leaders who are drawn to lead with a passion to ensure the future of leadership is happening now.

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