The Challenge

As an instantly recognizable brand name, Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies, including Shell Gas (LPG), a leading supplier of liquefied petroleum gas. GK Brand were asked to develop a cohesive brand strategy, along with a unique name and logo, for this subsidiary business to provide a platform for future business growth outside the existing umbrella brand. The brand strategy and architecture were required to work across geographic and product scope, as well as product lines.

What we did

GK Brand was responsible for creating the brand architecture to incorporate all existing major brands across the Shell subsidiary product groups. We developed a framework for consolidation, which resulted in reducing the number of product brands, while aiming to strengthen the role of the remaining individual brands within particular international markets. Conscious to maintain consistency, we created a balance between the extents to which brand names were differentiated across product lines, and aiming for common identity across different products.

GK Brand assessed the value of a parent endorsement brand through integrating different products and product lines across various international boundaries. GK used the Shell methodology of scenario planning to create various strategic approaches for this venture. For each scenario, we developed a strategy, and a name that was cleared globally for trademark availability and developed a logo design. With access to Shell’s intranet site we tested the different naming scenarios with 2,300 employees via an online survey system across Shell’s global locations. From the findings, GK produced 10 potential name candidates, each available globally with connotations that emphasized the convenience and environmentally friendly aspects of LP Gas.

GK’s naming approach saved Shell an estimated 1.2 million Euros by determining the effectiveness of each scenario with an appropriate strategy, name and visual identity, and testing them globally. The results were delivered to Shell headquarters in record time. This enabled Shell to determine their next business move.


Armed with the naming and strategy results, Shell Gas (LPG) completed the sale of its LPG businesses in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden (Nordics), Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands (Benelux) and the UK to UGI Corporation in 2011. The businesses and its employees transferred to UGI Corporation with immediate effect.

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